Golf Simulator Hire

Golf simulator hire is ideal for competitions such as longest drive or nearest the pin. GC2 Golf Simulator is a mobile unit and can accurately measures your swing and identifies areas for improvement by monitoring your swing path, club face angle, club head speed and sweet spot. The technology not only enables swing analysis, you can even play a full 18 holes and putt out! The computer generated image is projected onto a huge 3m x 3m screen using the latest high resolution projector which gives you the illusion of playing on a real course.Would you like to create the feeling of outdoor adventure of golf at your next event? Then try our GC2 golf simulator hire, the powerfully designed stimulator game offers the best of simulation experience, meeting the thrills of participating in a real golf match. The only thing missing is basking under the sun. You will need little walking around. All you need is a 3m x 3m floor space and the stimulator machine, screen and a bit of artificial turf. You will use real golf clubs so that you can swing your way to put the ball in the hole. The GC2 Golf Simulator hire is a realistic representation of a golf course and has all the details of the fairways, greens, water hazards and difficult bunkers. Different players can also play against each other and test their golfing skills all within the confines of an indoor environment. The power and method of the swing is correctly transferred to the virtual ball and the golf simulator software ensures that the ball moves just as it would move on the real golf course. You can also play on different golf courses without making a long journey. But one thing you will miss is the fresh air you can get from the real golf course. You also miss the sweating and toils of walking the up and down the fairways.We can provide our Golf Simulator hire for trade show exhibitions, conventions, business meetings, corporate events, parties, fundraisers, charity events, grand openings, product launches and product promotions, company fun days etc. The excitement is not diminished as the players need to put real efforts in making the best swing to find the target. For those who have tried their hand at real golf find it easy to play our golf simulator and putting challenge.
Golf swings are not learned in a day and we do not propose to make someone with no golfing skills a perfect golfer with our golf simulator hire. With a bit of professional guidance, a novice can learn the techniques of making a perfect golf swing. Our golf simulator hire comes with the best golf course to give you as real an experience for seasoned and budding golfers alike. Golf Simulator hire needs to be seen not only as a party time activity. But as a teaching aid for those who wish to perfect there golf, so that he or she can perfect his or her swings before going directly onto a golf course.
Putting Challenge: As well as golf simulator hire try our ultimate electronic putting challenge it has 72 electronically changing contours four 18 hole courses with two skill levels and fully automated ball return. The computerised keypad displays and announces the players turn (1to 4), hole number, penalty strokes, average putt and even cheers for a hole in one.Why not promote your business with the ultimate electronic putting challenge. Capitalize on golf’s popularity with these interactive golf themed putting games. Create the most exciting entertainment at corporate or private events; build non-stop traffic at exhibition trade shows! Make putting fun and exciting anywhere with putting simulator challenge compete against colleges and friends in an exciting putting contest at a home or office party.Putting is more than half your game and can make or break your score. Most of us neglect our short game. On the putting simulator challenge you can practice you’re putting and build your confidence and train your eye to read any green better than ever before.

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